Réseau européen des sociétés d'analyse et de théorie musicales T&AM,


Ceci est l'ancien site de la SFAM, qui ne sera plus tenu à jour.

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T&AM – European Network of Music Theory and Analysis


The European Societies for Theory and/or Analysis of Music decided during EuroMAC 9 in Strasbourg in July 2017 to form a European Network. This project came true during a meeting on 24 May 2018 in Zagreb.

It was suggested that the name chosen for the network might be “T&AM”, for “Theory & Analysis of Music”, or the same in many European languages.

The Network was created by the following societies (in alphabetic order:) GATM, Gruppo Analisi e Teoria Musicale; GMTh, Gesellschaft für Musiktheorie; HDGT, Hrvatsko društvo glazbenih teoretičara;OTM, Общество Теории Музыки; PTAM, Polskie Towarzystwo Analizy Muzycznej; SBAM, Société belge d'analyse musicale;SFAM, Société française d'Analyse musicale; SMA, Society for Music Analysis; VMTh, Vereniging voor Muziektheorie.

The Network held a meeting on 22 November 2018 in Aix-en-Provence, during which the ATAM (Associació de Teoria i Anàlisi Musicals) was accepted as member. Since then, a provisional website of the T&AM, Europeanmusictheory, was created.

A list of the forthcoming Activities of the European Societies and their friends can be read on this site.